We are a growth stock firm with a valuation discipline.

Value Proposition

Growth Investing with a Valuation Discipline

DSM equity strategies are designed to achieve long-term growth of capital. We follow a rigorous and distinct approach to security analysis, combined with a consistently applied valuation discipline. These standards have enabled our concentrated, high-conviction strategies to establish a record of attractive risk-adjusted outcomes.

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Independent, Employee Owned and Organized for the Success of Our Clients

To thrive as an experienced, capable, stable, and durable organization responsive to our clients’ interests we strongly believe in financial independence and employee ownership. The average industry experience of all DSM employees is 22 years. DSM is 100% owned by current employees and founding partners. In addition, most employees have substantial personal investments in our strategies. This powerful combination helps ensure that our interests are fully aligned with our clients.

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Investment Approach

Idea Driven Strategies Built from the Bottom-Up

DSM leverage its experience and discipline to invest across global equity markets delivering distinct growth strategies with a strong valuation backbone. Our investment portfolios are concentrated with holdings representing our highest conviction ideas based on rigorous and proprietary security analysis. Our range of strategies encompassing US Large Cap Growth, International Growth, Global Growth, Global Focus Growth, Global Dividend Growth and Emerging Markets Growth are designed to meet a broad range of client needs.

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Focused on Delivering Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

We believe that the long-term performance of our strategies provides the best basis for evaluating the value we deliver to our clients.

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